Key To My Heart
Performed by Suvi

I wrote the lyrics for this beautiful ballad with the music composed by a amazing guitarist called GP Hall. GP predominantly performs his own compositions, playing a mixture of acoustic jazz, blues, flamenco, rock, folk, and classical improvisations. His music is very melodic as well as featuring intriguing chord structures. Most of it is instrumental, but he also writes and sings his own songs.

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I donít know where to begin, your breath on my lips or the touch of your skin
This love for you feels so new, the very thought of you
I believed you were too good for me, always thought you were out of my league
With your eyes so beautiful, I know what my future holds

(Chorus) You are my lover my true friend, on you I know I can depend
Guess Iíve known it from the start, you own the key to my heart

Love is here and love will stay, our love will never ever fade away
I always knew that it would be, just you with me


Love is sacred love is free, stay here with me for eternity
So many years waiting for you, believing in, love so true

(Chorus) you stole the key to my heart, key to my heart, key to my heart

Copyright © GP Hall & Phillip Allan 2017
PRS + MCPS registered EJNW-171016-1565-00

Suvi, Vocals
GP Hall, Acoustic Contreras Guitar
Steven Taylor, Double Bass
Jacob Leff, Percussion
Recorded by Mark Winterburn, assisted by Sam Findlow
Recorded at The Edge Recording Studio, Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Dedicated to the memory of

Rudolph Valentino
Beatriz Dominguez

Special Thanks

The Internet Archive
Metro Pictures Corporation
Rex Ingram
June Mathis