Marcello Dongu photographed by Monica Lui

Chiave Del Mio Cuore
Performed by Marcello Dongu

This beautiful song 'Chiave Del Mio Cuore' was originally written in English by GP Hall and Phillip Allan. It has been lovingly translated into Italian by Marcello Dongu.

Marcello performs the song in Italian 'Chiave Del Mio Cuore' and English 'Key To My Heart' for your pleasure.

'Chiave Del Mio Cuore'

Io non so come iniziò, se dal tuo sguardo o dal primo sorriso
Questo amore è nuovo per me, ti penso sempre, sì
Ho sempre creduto non fossi abbastanza per te, come irraggiungibile per qualcuno come me
Ma quando poi ti guardo negli occhi, vedo noi, solo noi

(Chorus) Lo sai che amo solo te, e son sicuro che tu sai perché
Ma come fai a non capire, tu possiedi la chiave del mio cuore

L’amore è qui, l’amore resterà, e non c’è niente che lo cambierà
Perchè è così, senza paure, siamo io e te


L’amore è libero, l’amore è puro, ora e per sempre fino all’eternità
Tanti anni aspettando te, il solo pensiero di te


Translated by Marcello Dongu 2018
Copyright © GP Hall & Phillip Allan 2016

'Key To My Heart'

I don’t know where to begin, your breath on my lips or the touch of your skin
This love for you feels so new, the very thought of you
I believed you were too good for me, always thought you were out of my league
With your eyes so beautiful, I know what my future holds

(Chorus) You are my lover my true friend, on you I know I can depend
Guess I’ve known it from the start, you own the key to my heart

Love is here and love will stay, our love will never ever fade away
I always knew that it would be, just you with me


Love is sacred love is free, stay here with me for eternity
So many years waiting for you, believing in, love so true


Copyright © GP Hall & Phillip Allan 2016
PRS + MCPS registered EJNW-171016-1565-00

GP Hall Website  'Predominantly performing my own compositions, I play a mixture of acoustic jazz, blues, flamenco, rock, folk, and classical improvisations. My music is very melodic as well as featuring intriguing chord structures. Most of it is instrumental, but I also write and sing my own songs.'

Phillip Allan Website  'I'm a songwriter who shares ideas and works with songwriters, musicians, poets and artists across the UK. Two of my tracks have been recently released in New York. Collaborations include GP Hall, Tommy Hunt, Paul Wightman, Tony Denmade and Sapphire Blue Choir.'

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Special Thanks

Marcello Dongu, Vocals
Phillip Allan, Piano, Fairlight & Bass
Produced and Recorded by Phillip Allan
Recorded at The Wrighthouse, Chester, UK